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Crisis Communications

Protect your reputation with crisis communications

How prepared is your organisation for its next PR crisis? Our crisis communications team can help you react quickly and effectively to minimise the reputational damage when the unexpected happens.

Crises can come in all shapes and sizes, from customer disputes or accidents to serious data breaches or larger events outside our control. But, if handled badly, even the smallest story can grow to become a full-blown PR crisis.

No two organisations are the same, and there may be many possible risks that are unique to your industry. We can make sure your team is fully prepared communications-wise, before anything happens.

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Crisis Communications strategy

We help you ‘plan in peacetime’ for any eventuality by regularly reviewing any potential threats to your reputation. From preparing holding statements, assigning spokespeople and a crisis team and agreeing a step-by-step plan of action before it’s needed, we can take care of it all. And we can also run regular tests to check crisis readiness.

Media Spokesperson training

We can provide your senior team with full media training before they need it. Whether it’s interview practise, broadcast experience or simply getting your point across effectively and keeping ‘on message’, our team can help. We work with you and your organisation to develop strong spokespeople for any situation.

24/7 press office

Our PR team can be on call 24 hours a day to handle any unfolding communications crises. We monitor the media and social media to spot potential threats and can be available anytime day or night in a crisis. We act as a bridge between you and the media, and we make sure that everyone within your organisation knows who we are, how to get in touch.

Internal communications

We keep your senior team regularly up-to-date so you can be confident that we’re dealing proactively with any fast-moving situations correctly. Our crisis communications plans include internal messaging for frontline and back office staff and other stakeholders, as well as customers, suppliers, partners and more. All of this is done while staying true to your brand guidelines and tone of voice.

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