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Digital PR

Effective digital PR that delivers measurable returns

Digital PR is an essential part of any organisation’s marketing strategy. Our digital PR team combines the time-honoured journalistic impact of great PR stories with the latest search marketing and SEO techniques to make your stories travel further and make a bigger impact.

Choosing to invest in a creative, exciting and fully integrated digital PR campaign can increase your customer engagement and deliver significantly greater brand awareness. By getting to know your organisation and your wider business and marketing objectives, we deliver imaginative and impactful campaigns that increase web traffic, referring domains and conversions.

With digital PR, there’s nowhere to hide when it comes to measuring success. We pride ourselves on delivering strong returns on investment through the effectiveness of our campaign ideas and by how we deliver then, working alongside our clients as an extension of their marketing teams – see our case studies.

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Competitor Analysis

A vital part of any good digital PR campaign is understanding what the competition is up to. Our detailed backlink analysis can help you make better-informed marketing decisions, and can guide our creativity when planning your next campaign by showing us what can be done better.

Data-led PR Campaigns

Our campaigns are data-driven and guided by detailed keyword research, popular search terms and analysis of your website analytics. We can then apply this data-led approach to your next digital PR campaign, using FOI requests, surveys, whitepapers, unique research and more to deliver highly shareable assets that deliver relevant coverage and links.

Content Marketing

Great content marketing is about grabbing a journalists’ attention with a story so good they have to use it. Our digital PR team know how to create content marketing campaigns that get high-quality coverage, and links, to boost your website’s strength and drive more online conversions.

Beyond backlinks

Effective digital PR is about so much more than backlinks. We measure our campaigns using the AMEC integrated Evaluation Framework, so you can see exactly how our work is impacting on your wider marketing efforts.

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