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Meet Beth: Our new SEO Specialist

Say hello to the newest member of the Carrington team – our new SEO expert, Beth Devine!

Beth specialises in honing websites so they can stand out among the top search results, and she also helps to create perfectly crafted web copy that is both engaging and functional from an SEO standpoint.

Read on to learn all about Beth and why she could be just the person you need to look after your website.

Photography and social care

Before she moved into the world of SEO and marketing Beth, who lives near Grimsby, studied photography at Lincoln University – a handy skill we’ll be sure to make use of across our PR and marketing! – and then she went on to work in care.

Primarily supporting people with learning disabilities and people who are blind or partially sighted, Beth worked with an agency helping people live independently and improve their quality of life.

This background has influenced the way that Beth approaches her work as an SEO specialist today, as she explains:

“Working in care was really rewarding and it taught me a lot about people with different abilities which I still use today. Accessibility is often overlooked in web development, web design and content creation so having that background when you’re working on websites is really helpful. I enjoy getting geeky about accessibility because it’s easy to forget that there are lots of people with different abilities who are also web users and form part of a client’s target audience so they really benefit from a user-friendly vibe.”

Beth Devine, SEO Specialist
Our SEO Specialist, Beth Devine

An SEO specialist

Beth went on to complete an apprenticeship at a large e-commerce website, Ebuyer which is where she discovered SEO. Writing countless product descriptions for different audiences and doing technical writing, she gained a lot of experience as the youngest member of the company’s SEO team.

She then secured a job at an agency that is dedicated to SEO, building her experience by writing and optimising websites for a wide range of businesses, from big multinationals to microbusinesses and startups, and managing relationships with them.

While she’s confident working with even the biggest companies, Beth found that she’s particularly passionate about working to support smaller startups:

“I really enjoy working with small, startup businesses, and particularly local companies”, she explained. “I think they’re the most fun and it’s also nice to help, for example, a one-man band get to grips and get started, giving them a better chance to do well.”

Joining the Carrington team

Beth’s working across a wide range of client accounts now she’s joined Carrington as our SEO specialist and she’s already making a big difference, with the impact of her work being directly measurable through client data and analytics (we love to prove our value with real, quantifiable metrics at Carrington).

But how is she enjoying being part of our team?

“It’s really nice to be in a smaller team where we can share collective experiences and work across a range of really interesting clients”, she said. “Even though the company is growing, Carrington itself represents the very best of that small agency vibe of ‘calm yet chaotic: When we’re in the office, it’s really chill and we’re all getting on and listening to the radio and then once we’re in a meeting or a team meeting, it’s high-energy, creative and we’re buzzing as we work out how we’re going to get everything done.

“I like the character of the business and it’s great that everyone appreciates what you bring to the table: I noticed that from the get-go and I’ve really appreciated being told ‘We trust you, go out and do it’.”

If you’d like to find out more about what SEO can do for your business and why we’re so good at it, visit our SEO services pages, or click here to see the full range of what we do. And, of course, get in touch if you’d like us to help you!