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PR Strategy

Great PR can work wonders for your business. Our creative campaigns are built around your commercial objectives

If you’re looking for a PR team with the experience, ideas and track record to get your organisation noticed by the audiences that matter to you, look no further. We set our reputation on the quality and creativity of our PR ideas and our team’s experience to get our clients into the news.

We deliver strong, relevant coverage month after month. Last year we’ve secured thousands of press mentions, including national print, online and broadcast features and we have strong connections with all the major regional and national news outlets. Our team are more than ‘just’ press release writers – we act as your own virtual press office and a link between you and the media.

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Our PR services

PR strategy

By creating a strong, clear PR strategy, we can help your organisation get the attention it deserves. Publicising the good work you do is a key part of your marketing, but if you don’t have a strategy, the strong stories you have to share can fail to make an impact.

Our team will work with you to create short and long-term plans to make sure every story lands in the way it should – with lots of great coverage that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Working in coordination with your wider marketing team, or left to our own devices, we can plan and execute creative and ambitious campaigns to put your brand on the front page.

Profile building

Trying to get your brand noticed? We can help you make a name for yourself and get you recognised among your target audience. Being known as an expert in the field can bring bigger and better clients to your door, so we can help you craft your message, secure columns and commentary and lead the way in your industry.

New and established brands can also benefit from building their profiles and whether it’s through sharpening up your social media or getting into the biggest publications, our team of PR professionals is here to help.

Reputation management

Reputation is hugely important in business and it can be the difference between make or break. Building a reputation takes time, persistence, creativity and confidence, but a reputation can be destroyed in a moment. While marketing can get your brand recognised, PR can influence what people think of it.

Whether it’s through sharing good news about what you do, helping you to build favourable reviews in influential media or helping you to move on after some bad publicity, we can help your reputation grow… and we can protect it.

Media briefings and spokesperson training

There can be nothing more nerve-wracking than being put on the spot by a skilled reporter, but we can help you to be cool, calm and collected in front of the cameras. We can manage media requests, arrange interviews and manage media briefings for you.

Our PR team has years of experience helping people to present themselves in front of the media and many of us have journalistic backgrounds, so we know exactly what the media will be looking for and what you can expect. Ex-BBC reporter and producer, David has put MPs, MDs and VIPs on the spot and he can give you the inside track on the tricks of the trade.

Award entries and copywriting

If there was an award for entering awards, we’d have it gleaming on our bookshelf. We’ve helped our clients to win some of the biggest awards in their industries and areas, getting them the recognition they deserve. There are few ways of building up your brand better than winning a recognised award so we can put together your entry for you – and then make sure everyone knows you’ve won it!

Our team of wordsmiths can also help you present your business in the best light in all other instances where good copy is needed. We can write text for websites, articles, brochures and sales literature… if you need words, we can write them.

Crisis communications

Sometimes, things go wrong and that can spell disaster for your hard earned reputation. Fortunately, it is possible to limit the damage a crisis can cause but it pays to be prepared in advance. We’re experts in the creation and execution of crisis communications strategies which set out exactly what should be done to protect your reputation when a crisis looms.

We can help you predict, anticipate and prepare for the worst-case scenarios so you don’t have to react on the hoof. In a crisis, every decision you make will probably be a bad one, so we help you plan in peacetime so you can react swiftly and sensibly in any situation.

Lincoln’s first measurement champions

We’re proud to be Lincoln’s first agency to be named an ‘approved measurement champion’. This accolade is only given to agencies who take the industry’s latest, best-practice approach to measuring the impact of their PR work for their clients.

The Integrated Evaluation Framework is the comprehensive evaluation tool and the industry-recognised method for accurately measuring the impact of communications campaigns. Developed by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC), it connects the impact of your PR campaigns to your wider communications, marketing and commercial objectives. So it’s RIP to AVE.

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