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“The Carrington team has provided its services to us for several months now. Their work so far has had a significant positive impact on our business at a critical time. They took the time to quickly understand our business and needs, which enabled them to put a very effective Google Ads campaign in place that delivers results every day. We’ve also been pleased with their reporting and ongoing maintenance of the campaign. The team is dynamic, friendly and professional.”

Ran Meyrev
Head of new business development, Contacta


77% increase in leads YoY

19% increase in conversion rate YoY

9% increase in CTR YoY

The Brief

In March 2020, the UK was placed under lockdown as the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact countries across the world. Window intercom systems became essential in many outlets in order to continue operating during the pandemic, including in banks, supermarkets, retail and restaurants.

While window intercom systems have always been a part of the Contacta product range, the demand for systems like this increased significantly during the pandemic. Contacta asked us to help it market its window intercom system range through Pay-Per-Click to raise awareness of the product and generate quality leads. Contacta’s focus was to reach out to businesses across the UK in various industries that require its products including airports, opticians and pharmacies.

Our Approach

Initially, it was important to establish the kind of language that potential customers were using to find unique systems like Contacta online in order to build a successful and effective campaign. 

Contacta window intercom systems were referred to as speech transfer systems, a term used by Contacta on its website and internally. We carried out keyword research to discover potential keywords we could use in the campaign, as well as understanding search volume and top of page bids to determine an ad spend budget.

This research highlighted that ‘speech transfer systems’ wasn’t the language used by the wider public, so we instead focused on qualifying keywords that went on to generate traffic and quality leads for Contacta. 

After a couple of months and having collected enough data in the account, Contacta updated its website as it began to refer to its products as window intercom systems across the board.

Making these effective changes to its landing page and its Google Ads helped to improve its quality score and performance of its campaign which then grew from strength to strength.

In less than six months, Contacts saw a 1400% increase in conversions, a 79% decrease in cost per conversion and an increase of 503% in conversion rate.

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