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Increasing course applicants and apprenticeships for Lincoln College

Driving engagement for education


Social, PPC

“Carrington’s work has professionalised our social media output and enabled us to leverage our return on investment to get the best results from our campaigns. Our account manager is extremely talented and knowledgeable and has helped us move our brand forward. They’re a great company who are straight-forward, honest and 100% reliable”.

James Newall
Lincoln College Group Director of Marketing and Communications


Raising the college’s course portfolio

8,255% increase in conversion rate from paid social media in the last 12 months (vs previous 12 months)

2,380% increase in conversions from paid social media in the last 12 months (vs previous 12 months)

4.03% decrease in bounce rate from paid social media in the last 12 months (vs previous 12 months)

5,900% increase in online enrolments in the last 12 months (vs previous 12 months)

The Brief

We were hired by Lincoln College to manage its paid marketing activities on social media, which included: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. We were also support Lincoln College with regular organic social media posting on Twitter and LinkedIn – this was to support its paid marketing efforts.

Lincoln College had run paid marketing campaigns previously but required an agency to apply time to the campaigns as required to gain maximum ROI. Additionally, it wanted to ensure that we were able to accurately measure and track the results from its campaigns and all goals completions.

Students outside Lincoln College

(Image credit: Lincoln College)

Our Approach

We devised a structured digital marketing strategy for paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat, with a plan of upcoming campaigns throughout the school year. This allowed us to create the campaigns at the right time on each channel and optimise accordingly.

Our approach to showcasing the college’s portfolio of courses has allowed us to share a range of new courses as well as the transition from college open days to virtual open days. We support the college by helping it with all upcoming events through Eventbrite management, building landing pages and creating campaigns to raise awareness and drive online bookings.

Additionally, students are not the only audience Lincoln College are targeting, we also support its business services and apprenticeship schemes to engage with local businesses in the area to increase the number of apprenticeships across Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough.

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