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Carrington becomes climate positive

Carrington has recently become a climate positive workforce by joining the tree planting and carbon offsetting platform Ecologi.

What does this mean? Well, we support them financially each month, so they can fund projects around the world working to tackle and prevent climate change. 85% of the money we give goes directly to verified climate projects around the world such as tree planting, carbon reduction, building bio-digesters, capturing gas from landfill and more.

Four months in, how are we’re doing:

Our live tree-planting counter:

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

If you want to see our progress or support our tree-planting efforts, you can visit our profile. Or set up your own profile using this referral link and Ecologi will plant more trees for both of us. More than 7,000 businesses have signed up so far.

In the last month, our support has helped them offset 5.3 tonnes of carbon: producing electricity from solar energy in Vietnam and protecting and restoring the Pacific Coast of Colombia.

Can this help to stop climate change? How can we be sure the money gets through to where it’s needed? I’d definitely recommend visiting the Ecologi FAQ page for the detailed answers because they’ve covered everything. 

It’s always been important to me that Carrington does whatever good it can for our employees, our clients and the wider world. We’re not a big polluter, and we’re only one small business, but we’ve chosen to take this small step and do that bit more than the minimum, supporting Ecologi to do what they do best.

If your business is doing something else to help that we’re missing out on, I’d love to hear it (email me)