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Work Experience at Carrington

At Carrington, we love to give people new insights into the world of PR and marketing so it’s been a pleasure having Alexandra as part of our team.

Alexandra, an A-level student, completed a week of work experience here this summer, working with the team and learning about all things related to digital marketing and PR. 

We look forward to seeing how her career progresses after her studies.

Alexandra said:

“During my time at Carrington, I’ve had the pleasure of working with an incredibly welcoming team. They guided me through my tasks and gave me constructive criticism that has enabled me to learn and improve.” 

“I had the opportunity to delve into the world of digital marketing and PR, gaining valuable knowledge and skills. From writing press releases and coming up with event ideas, to creating engaging blog posts for websites, I was able to showcase my creativity.”

Delving into the world of PR

Throughout her time at Carrington, Alexandra was exposed to many different elements of marketing and PR. This included creating artwork on Canva for various client social media, writing a press release, constructing an email marketing campaign, and writing blogs.

“I came here not knowing much about the workings of marketing and PR, and looking at potential university courses doesn’t really give you much insight as to what profession is actually like. I have more knowledge to help me make an informed decision about my career.” 

“I have always had a passion for fashion but haven’t been sure where to take it. I have really enjoyed these few days working in marketing and PR so will definitely consider studying Fashion Marketing at University.

“I think that even studying or working in marketing, in some capacity would be something I would really enjoy. I also like that there are elements of journalism in marketing, which is something else I’ve been considering with studying English Language at A-level.” 

Work experience at Carrington

We’re always open to new work experience applications  – whatever your previous marketing experience. If you’d like to find out more about work experience opportunities at Carrington, get in touch with us today.