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Crisis Communications

Crisis communication strategies

Accidents, errors, or unwarranted criticism can strike at any moment but a swift, clear, and well-communicated response can work wonders. At Carrington, we specialise in crisis communications that mean your business is ready to react whenever challenges arise.

Every crisis demands a unique approach, and our crisis communication strategies are tailored to address the specifics of a wide range of scenarios. That might mean directly communicating with your audiences and stakeholders, communicating through the media, or a bit of both. We work to ensure that your response aligns with your brand values and resonates with the right people. Our goal is to emerge from any crisis stronger, reinforcing trust and credibility.

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Planning for the Unpredictable

Whether it’s an unfortunate incident, a misunderstandings or unfair criticism, the key handling a crisis lies in strategic planning. Our crisis communications services focus on making sure you’re ready before a problem occurs. Adrenaline fuels bad decisions so by planning in peacetime, you can respond with resilience and wisdom when things go wrong.

Protect yourself with a crisis communications strategy

Journalists with embarrassing scoops or rumours running wild on social media can impact your brand’s reputation. Our crisis communications services are designed to help you get your side of the story heard and seize control of the narrative with prompt and clear responses that shape public perception.

At Carrington, we understand that bad days happen but our crisis communications services can keep things from getting worse and even help you emerge stronger.

Success stories

Discretion is a key part of reputation management so you won’t find any examples of times we’ve protected a brand from negative publicity on our website, you’ll just have to take our word for it.

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