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Digital PR strategies that deliver

Traditional PR is just half of the story. At Carrington, we recognise the dynamic landscape of media consumption and adapt our strategies to align with the evolving habits of your target audience. Our digital PR services seamlessly blend our passion for journalism with a deep understanding of search marketing and SEO.

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Why digital PR is important

In a world driven by digital interactions, it’s important to go beyond traditional PR. Search engines are the first port of call for almost every consumer so we help businesses stand out from the crowd and rise up the rankings. Meanwhile, media is no longer dominated by journalists, production companies, broadcasters and newspapers because social media gives everyone a platform. We help you use your channels to reach the audiences that matter most.

Our approach to digital PR is rooted in the knowledge that the media habits of your audience are constantly changing. By staying ahead of these shifts, we position your brand strategically to capture attention and engage effectively in the online realm.

Journalism meets SEO

A website should take visitors on a journey, making an impression, conveying key information, drawing people in before making the sale, but websites must also satisfy the algorithms that determine how you appear on search results.

Combining our knowledge for SEO with our love for writing, marketing and design, we create websites that are pretty and interesting as well as functional and high performing. Meanwhile, we work to secure strong backlinks to strengthen your domain through online media coverage that also secures referrals.

Success stories

Beaumond House

Beaumond House

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Lead the way by following the data

In the digital realm, data is king. Our campaigns are informed by real-world data, ensuring that every decision is based on real behaviours and insights. We then monitor the impact we have and share this with you. From audience behaviour to content performance, we meticulously analyse data to refine our strategies, maximising the impact of your digital PR efforts.

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