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Award Entry Writing

Award-winning award entries

Crafting outstanding award entries requires time and expertise, and they also benefit from someone who can take a step back and see your organisation from an outside perspective. At Carrington, we specialise in preparing and submitting award applications and nominations that give you the best shot at the top spot.

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Show exactly how great you are

Winning awards is not just about being the best; it’s about proving it. The best award entries highlight your achievements and back them up, emphasising your capabilities and the unique qualities that set you apart. Entries also need that extra sparkle to capture the judges’ attention and leave them with a lasting impression. We understand the intricacies of what makes an award-winning entry, and our team of award entry writers are dedicated to crafting submissions that stand out.

Appreciating your award worthiness

To truly capture the very best of your business, we get to know you and why you should be a winner. We speak to people throughout the team for their experience and insight and we also bring our expertise as a third party, viewing your business from an outside perspective, just the same as the judges would. Whether it’s a detailed award application for a technical category or a compelling nomination that tugs at the heart strings, we ensure that every submission reflects the essence of your business and positions you as a deserving contender.

Success stories

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Honest advice on where to put your efforts

It’s great to win awards, but not all of them are worth winning. We know how to spot the best awards for your business to enter – serious awards that showcase excellence – and which to avoid.

Making the most of your wins

It’s great to get on stage and accept an award, being the centre of attention at a big award do, but what happens afterwards? Awards have great value for team morale and they also look great to onlookers and target customers, but you have to make sure your victory is shared with the right audience. From social media celebrations to press releases, adverts and website banners, we’ll help your award win boost your reputation even further.

Examples of awards our clients have won

We’ve helped Minster Group win five major awards for environmental and technological innovation. We helped Duncan & Toplis win a British Accountancy Award (plus many, many other awards). We helped Ballards Removals turn a Lifetime Achievement Award into a real media moment. And we helped SuperFOIL win several industry accolades.

They say success is its own reward, but you can’t put success in a display case. Let our award entry services be your pathway to recognition.

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